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                                                  Bow Marine offers a unique service of speed and reliability for your transport needs
                                                  Bow Marine Shipping Agency s.a.r.l  was established in 1987 as an independent shipping agent specializing in Navy Frigates , container liner services, Tankers as well Bulk ships.
                                                  Today the headquarters are located in BEIRUT - LEBANON - next to BEIRUT Port Entrance. We also have a Sub Agent in all Lebanese ports ensure we provide services throughout LEBANON. Since the foundation of the company  realized  both owners and ship management satisfactions often require more services and support They require reliability, regularity, added value and a personal service which in today's market is hard to find.
                                                  For over 30 years Bow Marine has been providing a quality services to ships calling Lebanese ports.
                                                  Bow Marine is ISO Certified 9001:2008
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