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                                                  Services - Marine Agency

                                                  Our specially trained marine professionals know how important a good meal is on-board.

                                                  Fruits, vegetables and dairy are supplied daily to ensure that they are delivered to you.
                                                  All of our products have all of the necessary government certificates (HACCP), which ensure that only products with the highest quality are delivered to your ships. Our reputation is very important to us! Therefore, we work with only the best quality goods on the market.
                                                  Provisions supplied to ships may include, but are not limited to:
                                                  - Fresh fruits and vegetables
                                                  - Canned goods
                                                  - Dairy (milk, yogurt, cheeses, etc.)
                                                  - Poultry (fresh or frozen)
                                                  - Various meat (fresh or frozen)
                                                  - Juices
                                                  - Bread
                                                  - Spices
                                                  - Tea, coffee
                                                  - Water
                                                  - Eggs
                                                  - Etc
                                                  Any other provision upon request
                                                  Our company provides an extensive selection of all kinds of products through wide net of our vendors
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