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                                                  Services - Marine Agency

                                                  Bow Marine is a wholesale partner and distributor of a wide range of consumer goods from all over the world. Our main trade activities are connected with tax-free and special tourist marketing. 

                                                  Our assortment includes: 
                                                  - Cigaretes and cigars 
                                                  - Strong alcohol drinks
                                                  - Beverages
                                                  - Confectionery
                                                  - Perfumes and cosmetics Luxury consumer goods
                                                  Our assortment of goods is wide and constantly growing as well as our consumer net all over the world.
                                                  As a wholesalers and distributors we are closely connected with tourist retailers all over the world.
                                                  We are offering our goods to: 
                                                  - Vessel, ferry and cruise ship shops
                                                  - Embassies and all other diplomatic entities
                                                  - Military Base Catering
                                                  For our company We have created a good reputation of quick and perfect findings as well as delivery of ordered goods. Also we have added many extra points to our reputation by promoting our services and advertising our goods.
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