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                                                  Services - Marine Agency

                                                  The employees of the Bow Marine are dedicated to providing the best possible services to our customers. Our experienced staff will support you in consulting and troubleshooting of all technical issues on your vessel. 

                                                  At Bow Marine, we believe that prompt service arrangements are the key to successfully committed ships repairs of any magnitude. 
                                                  Our marine engineers assist our clients in obtaining efficient and safe operation by delivering expert technical solutions and providing reliable spare parts from the best world-known manufacturers.
                                                  - Welding Equipment
                                                  - Industrial Supplies
                                                  - Machinery Equipment
                                                  - Engine repairs
                                                  - Ship repair services
                                                  Any other technical part or solution your ship may require.
                                                  All of our parts and technicians are certified, and you can be sure that you are receiving qualified products and services from Bow Marine and staff. All certificates can be provided upon request.
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